6 Strategies for Men to Manage BPH

October 2, 2020

Manage BPH With These 6 Changes

Sufferers can manage Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia with many different BPH treatments that offer relief.

As men get older, they may start to develop issues when urinating. These issues may mean more frequent trips to the bathroom and a constant feeling that your bladder is not empty, even after you urinate. These symptoms are completely normal for men to develop, and the majority of men will develop them over the course of their lives.

For men over 50, these issues are almost always directly related to Benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH.

One of the main BPH causes is an enlarged prostate, BPH begins in the second stage of growth in men. After 25, the prostate grows for the second time after puberty and the effects of this are usually seen later on in life for many men.

The effects of BPH and symptoms of an enlarged prostate may be known as:

  • Inconsistent or weak urine stream
  • The need to urinate more often
  • Waking up several times at night to use the bathroom
  • Leakage or dribbling after urinating

Although prostate cancer and BPH are not necessarily linked, many prostate cancer symptoms are similar to those of BPH. It is important to rule out the possibility of prostate cancer first.

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BPH may be fairly normal, but it doesn’t have to be a way of life. Any of these serious effects should be examined by a doctor and a plan for the best BPH treatment should be developed. Recent advancements in BPH treatments may include medications, procedures, or surgery if necessary.

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Ways to Treat BPH at Home:

Along with the appropriate medical treatment being administered, there are ways you can help to manage some of your BPH symptoms yourself.

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle: One of the natural bph treatment options is simply keeping yourself healthy. By keeping yourself healthy, you can help your prostate stay healthy too. Those on an enlarged prostate diet should choose better foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts. Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids can contribute to managing BPH.
  2. Getting rid of the stress: As difficult as this may be to do, sufferers should try their best to combat being very tense. Stress has been linked to causing men with BPH to struggle with more frequent urination.
  3. Watch the medications you are taking: When visiting your physician about managing BPH, make sure to inform them of the medications that you are currently taking. Some medicines like Benadryl, Sudafed, antidepressants and more have been linked to worsening BPH symptoms. Many may need to switch to BPH friendly medications.
  4. Take more control over your bathroom trips: Although they may be hard to remember, a few precautions may help manage your BPH. Precautions such as going to the restroom before you leave somewhere, avoiding fluids before bed, and taking bathroom breaks to ensure you are finished may work wonders when controlling your symptoms.
  5. Watch what you drink: Some drinks such as caffeine and alcohol may be irritating your BPH. If you do drink caffeine or alcohol, avoid them several hours before you have to go to bed.
  6. Do strength exercises: Exercises such as kegels have been known to help sufferers manage the need to frequently urinate. A kegel can be performed by contracting muscles you use when going to the bathroom for about 10 or so seconds. After you relax the muscles you can continue this about 10 more times.

When At-Home Treatment Fails:

Although there are men who can manage BPH on their own, most need to consult a physician to develop a proper plan for treatment. When symptoms can no longer be managed through BPH treatment options such as a change of lifestyle, diet, exercise, or medication it is important to get help before your BPH worsens.

When BPH worsens, it may be more difficult to manage and treat. Depending on how long you wait to seek help, you may need a more serious method of BPH treatment such as a surgical procedure.

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It is important to remember that BPH is not something to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Millions of men across the world suffer from BPH and are much happier and healthier when they seek medical help. If you are struggling to manage BPH, it is time to consult a physician.

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