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Honored as one of the best doctors in Central Florida

Richard R. Lotenfoe, MD, is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and Board Certified Urologist in Celebration and Orlando, Florida.  He specializes in the treatment of prostate cancer using the HIFU focal therapy and other urological treatment.

Dr. Richard R. Lotenfoe is the Founder of Orlando-based Urology Health Solutions Inc., and CEO of Innovative Technologies, LLC and AcuVida.

He is regarded by many of his fellow surgeons as a pioneer in Urology in the State of Florida and the United States. Since establishing his Orlando practice in 1999, he has been firmly committed to embracing minimally invasive technology and perfecting the latest urological surgical techniques.

Since 1994 he has been one of a select group of Urological Surgeons in the United States skilled enough to offer the latest surgical procedures to his patients, which improve surgical outcomes, while minimizing pain and discomfort associated with traditional surgeries. We encourage you to view our introductory video on the Orlando Prostate Cancer page.

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As a frontrunner in urological surgical techniques, Dr. Lotenfoe is proud to offer the following innovative surgical procedures, which are performed by only a select group of urologists nationwide:

  • HIFU: a minimally invasive revolutionary outpatient same day procedure for prostate cancer and prostate enlargement with minimal or no blood loss that destroys prostate tissue while preserving the nerve bundles around the prostate without radiation or surgical incisions. Please visit our Prostate Cancer page to view the explanatory video.
  • Laser Vaporization of the Prostate: (Greenlight Laser Procedure): A high powered laser treatment for prostate enlargement with minimal or no bleeding or pain and almost immediate improvement of prostate symptoms done as a same day outpatient.
  • Cryoablation of the Prostate: Minimally invasive, highly effective outpatient treatment for prostate cancer.
  • Focal Cryoablation of the Prostate: Treatment of only the part of the prostate that is involved with cancer, sparing the nerve(s), minimizing side effects from the treatments; Less sexual dysfunction, less urinary control problems.
  • Sacral Nerve Modulation (Interstim Therapy): Minimally invasive outpatient treatment of certain forms of bladder dysfunction by placing electrodes and a pacemaker-like device near the nerves that help control the bladder.
  • No scalpel, no needle vasectomy: As a vasectomy specialist, Dr. Lotenfoe has performed dozens of successful vasectomies.

We offer Nitrous Oxide as a means of ease and care for our patients during some procedures, including Vasectomy, Prostate Ultrasound, Prostate Biopsy and Cystoscopy.

The whole procedure wasn’t too painful, and recovery time was less than I expected. I couldn't be more satisfied with the results to be honest.

Staff is very professional and informative. Medical staff is sensitive and smart. Dr. Lotenfoe is excellent in his skill.

I've been with the Dr. Lotenfoe since 2012. He has helped me solve a complicated, years-old problem. Great staff and Janette, his primary tech in the Celebration office, is fantastic.

You can get a vasectomy without any incisions! It took less than an hour, and apart from some minor immediate discomfort, I felt great within a few hours. My wife and I are very happy with the results. Definitely recommend this doctor and this procedure as a permanent form of birth control.

Dr. Lotenfoe is a great urologist and a very nice person with excellent bedside manners. His staff is also outstanding. I recommend Dr. Lotenfoe for urology needs without any exception.

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