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Dr Lotenfoe is the absolute best!  He always has time for you and is always making sure you are well taken care of.  His concern is genuine and he explains all issues you are having completely and professionally.  I would recommend Dr Lotenfoe higher than any other doctor. 
-Frank R.

From the front office to the  physician consults and  the visits  Dr. Lotenfoe his assistant and the front office personnel  has  been excellent. Wish more practices were administer like this one. Dr. Lotenfoe and his assistant have always  made us feel comfortable and  welcome.
Thanks Ginette, Mimi and Gina. It has always been a pleasant experience been to the office and see Dr. Lotenfoe, whom we considered the best urologist we have dealt with.
-Francisco C.

I have been seeing Dr Lotenfoe since I moved to the area almost 6 years ago and have had nothing but top treatment from him.  His staff is outstanding as well and are always on top of scheduling  and answering questions. They are top notch.  In fact just within the last week thanks to his quick response and the help of Rebecca I was able to get an emergency appendectomy that was identified during a routine CT Urogram.  Doctors at the hospital said I was very lucky to catch it during this exam.  I have always felt confident seeing Dr Lotenfoe and his staff are always pleasant and welcoming.
-Rick L.

Dr. Lotenfoe of Urology Health Solutions is an excellent doctor. He is also a very friendly person. His nursing and office staff are outstanding. I recommend Dr. Lotenfoe without exception.
-Mohamed A.

My wife had been suggesting I look into a vasectomy, as a man I fought her on that one for about 2 years. After our 4th child was born I decided to look into it myself, and was pleasantly surprised when I came across Dr. Lotenfoe’s webpage. You can get a vasectomy without any incisions! Who would have known right? After a few appointments I decided to commit to the procedure, it took less than an hour, and apart from some minor immediate discomfort, I felt great within just a few hours. It’s about 2 months now since I’ve had it done, and everything is working properly, my wife and I are very happy with the results. Definitely recommend this doctor and this procedure as a permanent form of birth control.
-Steve B.

I was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction in May of 2011. Being unable to maintain an erection initially put a damper on my relationship with my wife. Pills did help, but nothing was really consistent enough for her and I. Dr. Lotenfoe was referred to me by a family friend. After consultation he made me aware that there are implants that simulate a natural erection. The whole procedure wasn’t too painful, and recovery time was less than I expected. As for Dr Lotenfoe, he turned an embarrassing medical issue into something I could openly discuss with him, a stranger. You can tell by the way he presents himself that he has been doing this for a while. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results to be honest. My wife and I are having regular sex, and the implants don’t seem to interfere at all. Apart from the manual inflation, which actually fits in to foreplay quite well, everything feels like I’m 17 again.
-John O.

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