Vasectomy Reversals

November 16, 2018

Reversed vasectomies put you in control of your family's birth plan

So, you had a vasectomy, and now you’re having second thoughts. Luckily a vasectomy can often times be undone. While a vasectomy is often thought of as a permanent form of birth control, the tubes that are cut during the procedure can be reconnected. This procedure isn’t any more invasive than the original vasectomy itself, and most patients don’t require an overnight hospital stay.

Getting a vasectomy definitely shouldn’t be something that is done on a whim. Men who want a vasectomy reversal often times were sure about the decision to get a vasectomy when they originally got it done. Many times relationships change, and so does the desire to have children. Keep in mind though that the decision to get a vasectomy reversal is something that for the health of you as a man, should be something you are committed to for the rest of your life.

You can expect the surgery to take only a few hours, and you getting to go home the same day. The pain associated should be mild, but each case is different. You should refrain from certain activities including sex for at least the next 3 weeks. The chances of the surgery being successful decline with time, so if you are regretting your vasectomy, it’s better to get a reversal sooner rather than later.

You should be positively certain about your decision to have your vasectomy reversed. As with anything else, be sure to consult with your urologist before you commit to this decision, to be sure that the reversal won’t cause any detrimental effects to your health.

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