Precursors to Prostate Cancer

October 23, 2018

Many men stand the risk of suffering from prostate cancer especially during their advanced ages. Like with several other diseases, there are signs that can warn you of an impending attack. Usually, you may not be able to pinpoint exactly what the problem is until the disease becomes very apparent.

Here are some precursors of prostate cancer that should be early warning signs that prostate cancer may be developing:

  1. Prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN); High grade PIN is no doubt the only confirmed precursor to prostate cancer. With PIN, there is a progression of abnormalities involving the genotype and phenotype. These abnormalities are intermediate between cancer and non-cancerous prostatic epithelium. The indication that this brings is that of impairment of the cell differentiation as well as an advancement of carcinogenesis of the prostate. The means of detection used to look for PIN is a biopsy since it is not possibly seen through the use of ultrasonography. For those patients who have shown PIN,
  2. Atrophy is yet another precursor to prostate cancer. This usually refers to the wasting away of the prostate and is a sign that cancer of the affected part might develop.
  3. Changes associated with malignancy can also be seen as a precursor to prostate cancer. These changes are usually not necessarily associated with morphology. Hence, they may be difficult to ascertain. Knowing the precursors to this kind of cancer can help people take treatment and precaution measures before the disease advances.
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