Overactive Bladder

November 14, 2018

Having an overactive bladder (OAB) is an issue that more people encounter than you would think. Symptoms of this are pretty straightforward; having to go frequently, urgently, and during sleep. Many people who suffer from this go without getting it checked out because unless the problem is severe, often times it is thought of to be normal.  

There are many possible causes of an overactive bladder, while the origin of the disease is still quite unknown. Involuntary bladder muscle contraction can be responsible for most cases of over activity, and treatments for an OAB is most often just a treatment for the muscle contractions. It’s estimated that as many as one in six adults suffers from either an overactive bladder or incontinence.

The most effective treatment for OAB is to evaluate your lifestyle, and to change it to compensate for your bladder issues. Controlling your fluid and caffeine intake can go a long way in preventing OAB and helping you to live a happy and normal life. Another possible method for curing is bladder retraining. This often times calls for pharmaceutical drugs to come into play to help your body know when you actually have to urinate, and when your muscles are just tricking you into thinking that you really have to.

Whenever you are trying to cure an ailment with the use of drugs you should always be wary of the side effects associated with it. With drugs used to treat OAB, common side effects include dry mouth and eyes, as well as constipation. To combat this, you should always try to carry gum with you or have a water bottle and eye drops on hand.

Having OAB isn’t something that you should be ashamed of, it’s more common than you would think, and isn’t only for the elderly. Seeking treatment from qualified professionals and minor lifestyle changes can mean the difference between living with this issue, and living a life where you aren’t always worried where the nearest bathroom is. Treatments vary by patient so you should set up an appointment if you think you are suffering from this, to see how treatments can be best implemented to fit your life.

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