Kidney Stone Prevention and Treatment

July 18, 2018

Body diagram of the kidneys

Kidney Stones can come from a number of different causes. If you are worried about preventing these painful nuisances, here are some basic guide lines on avoiding a run in with them.

First off, we need to know how kidney stones are formed in order to put forth any sort of effort toward avoiding them. They form when a substance in the urine (natural substance such as calcium or phosphorus) becomes too concentrated. The body takes what it needs from what you intake then transfers the rest to the kidneys to make into urine. If you are not drinking enough water, these substances will not be diluted properly and will eventually lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Preventing kidney stones has a lot to do with your diet and water intake. The more water you drink, the better off you will be in general, no matter really what the rest of your diet consists of. In addition, be sure to get the proper amount of calcium in your diet and cut down on sodium and animal proteins. Consuming any certain food won’t put you at risk of kidney stones, just too much in excess will put you at risk.  Additionally, if you take vitamins on a regular basis, be sure to watch your intake of vitamin C, too much can cause a buildup of oxalate which forms the stones.

Most kidney stones are passed without problem. Some though, get too big to be passed naturally, and will require surgical removal. If you believe that you have a kidney stone that requires surgical removal, contact your doctor ASAP before the stone turns into a bigger issue.

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