How to Enjoy Prostate Cancer

November 5, 2019

Ways you can enjoy your life even with prostate cancer diagnosis.

What? Enjoy cancer? You saw right. A lot that goes into recovering from an illness is mental. Your recovery relies on your ability to turn a negative into a positive. There are a multitude of fun things you can do that actually fight prostate cancer. Of course, exercising is one of them. But why not use prostate cancer as an excuse to join a swim team? A tennis or baseball league? Or maybe even start yoga or meditation. All of these activities will help improve your body and your mind, as well as help with your prostate cancer.

Having prostate cancer won't limit your diet, but it will give you an excuse to eat more tomatoes and drink red wine. Eating and drinking specific items such as these have had a positive link in a reduction in the risk of prostate cancer, or improved chances of recovery.

Now, let’s not forget the best way to enjoy having prostate cancer. Having sex. That’s right, if you increase the amount of sex you are having, that can go such a long way in the prevention and cure of prostate cancer. So, moral of the story, make the best of your situation. Luckily prostate cancer is one of the least deadly cancers out there. It also gives you an excuse to start a fun sport and drink wine! So call up the Mrs. and keep yourself positive. Prostate cancer is less of a battle than you think!

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