Benefits of Greenlight Laser Therapy for Prostate Cancer

June 10, 2019

Greenlight Laser Therapy for BPH Treatment

What is Greenlight Laser Therapy?

Greenlight Laser Therapy is a relatively new treatment option for those suffering from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). A cystoscope on a thin flexible fiber is inserted up the urethra to the prostate. Once the urologist locates the enlarged portion of the prostate, he can instantly vaporize the prostatic tissue using the Greenlight Laser energy. The urologist will continue this process until all obstructing prostate tissue is removed. 

What are the benefits of Greenlight Laser Therapy for BPH?

Patients who undergo Greenlight Laser Therapy will experience many benefits quickly:

  • Immediate improvement and relief with urinary symptoms and flow
  • Minimal downtime
  • No blood loss
  • Long-term treatment 
  • Less than 1% reported cases of erectile dysfunction
  • Minimal catheterization
  • Avoidance of a more invasive surgery like TURP

Patients typically spend one night in the hospital following Greenlight Laser Therapy; however, depending on your condition and medical history, this may not be required. 

If you are looking to avoid a lifetime of taking medications with side effects and have no interest in undergoing a substantial surgery, Greenlight Laser Therapy may be an option for you.

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Greenlight Laser Therapy vs. Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP)

Both Greenlight Laser Therapy and a TURP procedure are used to treat BPH, but this is about where the commonalities stop. When undergoing a TURP procedure, prostate tissue must physically be removed, leading to extended recovery times and blood loss. 

Patients who choose Greenlight Laser Therapy will typically be catheterized for about 12 hours, as opposed to four days with a TURP procedure, and will be out of the hospital in about a day rather than three days. Other benefits patients experience when they choose Greenlight Laser Therapy over TURP are:

  • Quicker urinary symptom improvement
  • Less recovery time
  • Less bleeding
  • Less risk of sexual dysfunction
  • Long-lasting treatment

You don’t have to compare Greenlight Laser Therapy to TURP to understand the benefits as the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 88% of patients report a reduction in BPH symptoms
  • 98% improved quality of life
  • 170% improved urine flow
  • 84% reduction in retained urine in the bladder after voiding

If you are tired of dealing with your BPH symptoms, it’s time to find a treatment option that will work for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lotenfoe today to find out if Greenlight Laser Therapy is right for you.

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