Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate Cancer Treatment



Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction


Dr. Richard Lotenfoe, Prostate Cancer Physician

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Urology Health Solutions has been serving the urological needs of Florida since 2001. Urologist Dr. Lotenfoe, a top Urologist, has helped thousands of people in Florida discuss and deal with their most personal health problems. He offers compassionate, personalized care in a safe and confidential environment.

Dr. Lotenfoe has special interest and expertise in the treatment of prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, and vasectomies.

To enhance his goal to remain at the forefront of medicine, Dr. Lotenfoe also performs outpatient procedures commonly performed at our offices:

No scalpel, no needle vasectomy

Microwave treatment (TUMT) for enlarged prostates


Cystoscopy, bladder biopsy and installations

Prostate biopsy


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UroLift for BPH Treatment

UroLift is a revolutionary, minimally invasive procedure used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or an enlarged prostate. This innovative treatment works to lift and hold the enlarged prostate tissue so that it is no longer blocking the urethra, providing rapid relief to those experiencing bothersome urinary symptoms. A permanent tiny implant is placed into the affected area to relieve obstruction and allow for the urine to flow normally. At present time, UroLift is the only FDA-approved BPH procedure that doesn’t require heating, removing, or destroying the prostate tissue.



The prostate is a walnut-sized gland surrounding the male urethra just below the bladder. Its function is to store and nurture the sperm that has been produced by the testicles. After the age of 20, the prostate gland starts growing and continues to grow more or less for the rest of one’s life. In some people it will grow faster than others, which is likely related to genetics and diet. The enlarged prostate gland will pinch the urethra and may cause obstruction of the urine flow. A large prostate does not necessarily need treatment. WHile some men will develop bothersome symptoms, others will have no problems at all. The exact reason for this phenomenon is still unknown, and is likely multifactorial.


Greenlight laser vaporization of the prostate

With the Greenlight Laser device LASER light energy is applied to the tissues. The laser energy is so powerful that wherever it “touches” the tissue, the water in the cells instantly vaporizes and destroys the cells. One can actually see the vapor bubbles appearing as the tissue disappears. In this fashion a cavity can be created in the prostate gland in order to improve urine flow from the bladder. At the same time, hemoglobin (the main active ingredient in red blood cells) absorbs the laser energy well and therefore the laser tends to stop bleeding, making the procedure often almost bloodless.

  • My wife had been suggesting I look into a vasectomy, as a man I fought her on that one for about 2 years. After our 4th child was born I decided to look into it myself, and was pleasantly surprised when I came across Dr. Lotenfoe's webpage. You can get a vasectomy without any incisions! Who would have known right? After a few appointments I decided to commit to the procedure, it took less than an hour, and apart from some minor immediate discomfort, I felt great within just a few hours. It's about 2 months now since I've had it done, and everything is working properly, my wife and I are very happy with the results. Definitely recommend this doctor and this procedure as a permanent form of birth control.

    Steve B.
    Celebration, Fl
  • I was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction in May of 2011. Being unable to maintain an erection initially put a damper on my relationship with my wife. Pills did help, but nothing was really consistent enough for her and I. Dr. Lotenfoe was referred to me by a family friend. After consultation he made me aware that there are implants that simulate a natural erection. The whole procedure wasn't too painful, and recovery time was less than I expected. As for Dr Lotenfoe, he turned an embarrassing medical issue into something I could openly discuss with him, a stranger. You can tell by the way he presents himself that he has been doing this for a while. I couldn't be more satisfied with the results to be honest. My wife and I are having regular sex, and the implants don't seem to interfere at all. Apart from the manual inflation, which actually fits in to foreplay quite well, everything feels like I'm 17 again.

    John O.
    Orlando, Fl

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